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Become a Partner

One Hundred Shares Birmingham Partners are women who accept the OHSB Statement of Faith and commit financially to donate $1,000 per year for five years. The power of this type of giving group allows OHSB to award annual grants to Birmingham-based non-profits who serve those in need and proclaim and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Process to Become a Partner

OHSB Women may become prospective Partners through the sponsorship of one or more existing Partners and are then invited to join by the OHSB Board of Trustees.



Contact your OHSB friend (sponsor) to let her know you would like to become a partner.  If you do not have a sponsor, please email us at 


Ask your sponsor to contact a OHSB Board member or email to let us know of your interest in partnership. 


Complete and Submit the Partner Pledge Form (mail or email), located on the last page of the Partnership Packet. 


Pay your donation.  Three Options:

1.  Mail a check, payable to NCF/ALABAMA.

     Please indicate “100 Shares” on the memo line.  Mail to:  

           One Hundred Shares Birmingham

           3179 Green Valley Road, #104

           Birmingham, AL 35243  

2. Utilize a Donor Advised Fund. 

    Email for details. 

3.  Donate Online

     For BANK ACCOUNT payment: 

     Please select a ONE TIME payment of $1,000. There is NO

     processing fee.

     For Credit card payment: 

     Please select a ONE TIME payment of $1,035 to pay

     for the processing fee we will incur.



If you’d like more information about becoming a partner, send us an email at

Partners may participate in a number of ways. Involvement can include prayer, serving on a committee, going on site visits and filling out a survey form, and attending the two annual events. OHSB realizes that all of our women have busy schedules that allow for more or less involvement as our seasons of life change. Your participation level is up to you.

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