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The Lovelady Center and M-POWER Ministries! 

Grant Recipients 2022

Through God’s provision and our partners’ generosity, on September 27, 2022, we celebrated and awarded $150,000 to two amazing ministries that God is using to impact Birmingham! 


The Lovelady Center $100,000

The Lovelady Center exists to empower women, through faith-based initiatives, so they can return to society as well-equipped women of God.
Target Group:  As a transitional facility, they accept women of all ages and stages who come from prison, by court order, or by self-admission and nearly all share the struggle of addiction. 
The Lovelady Center was awarded $100,000 to renovate the aftercare area for their school-aged children in order to give them a safe and nurturing environment.


M-Power Ministries $50,000

M-POWER Ministries exists to help people develop the tools needed to break the cycle of poverty.
Target Group:  They exist to engage individuals in the greater Birmingham area trapped in the cycle of poverty.
M-POWER was awarded $50,000 to be used to modernize and refurbish the Health and Education Center’s Avondale facilities in order to give patients and students a healthy, encouraging, and dignifying environment.

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