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2023 Reflections: A Year Like No Other

2023 was a year like no other in One Hundred Shares Birmingham!  We celebrated our Legacy Year - five years of ministry - of giving grants of $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000 to local ministries throughout Birmingham. Our mission at OHSB is to bring Birmingham women together for Kingdom purpose knowing that we accomplish so much more together than alone. 


When we began five years ago, little did we know or understand the great things God would do through this incredible ministry. By the goodness of God’s hand, and the faithfulness of our beautiful partners, OHSB has given $700,500 to 10 Birmingham ministries who are spreading the Gospel through their works and their service.  What a blessing to come beside these ministries and help them accomplish their call to further the Kingdom throughout the city of Birmingham.


I want to take a moment and honor our partners.  As to date, we have 189 incredible women who have chosen to join hands together and become OHSB partners.  We have 117 partners who started with us from the very beginning, and are continuing on as Legacy Partners.  I truly believe that the Lord has brought each one of these amazing women along side us to be a part of OHSB.  These women are saavy, beautiful women of God who truly want to see Him make a difference in our city.  I am humbled by their graciousness and generosity. It is through the hand of God and each one of our partners that we are able to fulfill our grants each year.  I am so thankful for each and every one of our partners. We trust that our numbers will grow - only so we can give more to deserving ministries throughout the Birmingham area.


We were able to celebrate our 5 years of ministry last October with a very special evening at The Club in Birmingham.  Our partners and their spouses, families, and friends came to celebrate with the 10 ministries that had received grants from OHSB, and that included revealing the grant recipients for 2023.  Banks Academy ( received their full grant request of $81,000 to purchase a 15 passenger van to provide daily transportation to and from their school for their growing student body.  We were also able to grant WellHouse Ministries (  $100,000 for transportation needs for the survivors of human trafficking as well as their work therapy program, Shopwell. What an unbelievable gift to be a part of OHSB who does so much more together than alone!


A.W. Tozer defines authentic worship as more than just singing and praying - even though it often contains these two things -  authentic worship is LIVING for our Father.  The ministries connected with OHSB, the beautiful women who have become partners of OHSB, and the amazing board that I humbly serve with are true examples of authentic worship  - they are living to serve and honor our glorious King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


It is with great anticipation and excitement that I look forward to God’s miraculous hand in 2024!  Let’s choose to worship Him with our voices, our hands, and our feet as we join together with ministries throughout Birmingham to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


To Him be all the glory and honor due His name!


In Him, 

Tracey McKenzie

OHSB Board Chair

January 2024

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